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In application of the source-code method, described in this page.

You've run the ING New York 2009 marathon, and you want to download those nice pictures taken during the race.

You are tired of browsing through the HTML source code of the page to download the image and you are looking for a tool that does this job automatically.


We are here to help you!!


All you need is your bib number (race number) to fill up the form below and a bit of patience. After a short while (depending on trafic from 2 to 5 minutes) it will download a zip file containing all the pictures that were found on the site with your bib number.


free download archive

The archive (ie: zip file) provided has an average size of 2MB and contains only the "big pictures" not the thumbnails of reasonable size 256x384 pix.



We definitely invite you to place an order if you've find a nice picture of yourself on the brightroom's site.

Event: ING NYC Marathon 2009
BIB number :
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You have forgotten your bib number ?

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Once you've submitted your request, wait (2 to 5 min) until the archive is fully downloaded on your browser. Do not click on the submit button like a mad-man, just be patient !!


Terms of use

This service is provided "as is" and free of charge. You are downloading the archive for a personal use only.

This site operates on your behalf and GrabMeIfYouCan shall not be held responsible for any enfringment of Brightroom's user terms. By accepting the terms of use of this site, you have read and accepted Brightroom's user terms as well.

GrabMeIfYouCan cannot be responsible or liable for the content of the archive, its accuracy and the damages it may cause without any limitation.

The user hold GrabMeIfYouCan harmless for any breach of theses terms of use and will indemnify the company against any claim or action from any third party.



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